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Dirtmaster's Rubbish Cleanup Service

It's an industry that everyone hates, but if you have a problem with rubbish, then you are not alone. South Africa has one of the highest per capita waste generation rates in the world. As a result, many landfilled refuse sites dot the country and have to be dealt with by rubbish removers. There are many different types of rubbish, and it can be a nightmare to try and dispose of it yourself.

The most important thing to understand about waste is that it is an obvious indicator of poverty in developing countries. A lot of the waste is strewn around the community, in garbage bins, and on lawns. The effects of all this waste are apparent; the air and water supply are contaminated, the rubbish causes diseases, and most importantly, it causes pollution. Waste disposal must be done responsibly, and everyone needs to do their part in helping the environment and fight against waste.

Many people think that rubbish removal is only necessary for cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town. This is not true. You can see all kinds of rubbish on the outskirts of any town, in the most unexpected places, like beside the tracks or in the most obscure back streets. For instance, one morning, I was raking leaves near Stellenbosch when I came across many rubbish sitting on the road. I called the Waste & Trash Management Service (WMT), and they sent a truck over to take a look. It turns out that the rubbish had been dumped there by builders some weeks ago. The local council was happy to empty the trash because it meant more space to build houses. What the contractors hadn't expected was that they'd also attract a lot more organic rubbish that hadn't been disposed of. So they dumped it here, too.

There was no space in the local authorities' budget to expand its waste services. They also don't want to send any waste products to their neighbours, and they don't have any links with international waste companies, so they didn't even bother. If you're lucky enough to get your rubbish picked up and dumped at the right place, then you should feel very proud. I was! I've been to many rubbish removal sites, and it's always a great joy to be involved in one.

However, you should never hire the cheapest rubbish removal company. They may claim that they do free rubbish removal, but you'll often end up paying for the service. And if you're paying for it on top of everything else, why would you want to hire rubbish removal? It's probably better to call a local waste and rubbish company to pick up the rubbish for you.

When I was in South Africa a while back, I visited Durban, the largest city in the country and one of the world's biggest cities. We drove around for 2 hours looking for the rubbish removers that we could find. This was when I realised that not all rubbish removers are created equal. Sometimes the companies want to make money out of you.

My advice is that you don't necessarily have to waste your money on rubbish removal companies; you can always create your own. All you need is a big, some bags, some rubbish and something to keep it in. Don't forget to label your bags; this will make it easier for the bins to pick them up. It's easier than a load of rubbish!

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