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About Dirtmaster Site Cleaning Company

Site Cleaning is not merely a process of removal of rubbish. It is also an intensive process of re-use and reconstruction. Site Cleaners must go through careful planning before embarking on any home renovation work. Site Cleaners must have a thorough understanding of the client's requirements and be able to provide advice as required.

When undertaking a home improvement/construction site cleaning job, there are many aspects of the job that will need to be adhered to. They include identifying all site cleaning requirements, preparing the work area, prepping the machinery for use, and completing the site with debris removed. The first step to undertake a cleanup job is to have all site cleaning requirements identified. Site Cleaners must have detailed drawings of every task required. This should include: the job to be carried out, who is doing them, what materials are needed, and where they are to be carried out. Site Cleaners must also ensure they understand the ventilation requirements and ensure all ventilation is installed correctly. Site Cleaners must prepare the work area by emptying all trashcans and ensuring all dust and debris are removed from the cans' interior.

Site Cleaners will then prepare the site by making preparations such as removing any grass and rubbish and ensuring it is level. Construction Cleaners should ensure they clean the floor in the same way as the construction floor and ensure all gutters and downpipes are operational. All drainage systems should be maintained, including any downpipes or sewers. Site Cleaners should carry out a visual inspection of the site's interior and exterior, including doors and windows and identify any signs of site damage or deterioration that would require site cleaning, and if needed, remedial work to restore the site to its original state.

When carrying out site cleaning requirements, the Construction Manager will use various equipment such as robots and truck-mounted platforms to access the construction site's multiple levels. The uses of robots are particularly useful in inaccessible areas or where access may be restricted. One robot, named Dragon Eye, can detect objects up to 6 feet below the surface. It can see things from as far away as one hundred metres, enabling the site cleaner to complete its site cleaning requirements even in the most inaccessible or remote areas. This is just one example of equipment that may be used in construction cleaning requirements.

Construction cleaners must also maintain all walls, floors and ceiling, sweep and mop any carpet cleaned, remove any litter or debris, empty trash cans, and open or vacuumed trash containers. Site Cleaners are also responsible for maintaining storage areas and equipment, emptying and sanitising the worksite air cleaners, securing the site, cleaning any mirrors or light fittings inside the buildings, and any other duties required. Site cleaners must keep records of all cleaning work carried out, a checklist of site hazards to be kept free of any debris, a list of all rubbish removed or cleaned, and an archive of all site information.

Construction Cleaners are also responsible for keeping the interiors of all buildings, including ventilation systems and pipes. All surfaces dusted, all debris removed, all equipment disinfected, all dust removed and cleared away, and all floorings vacuumed. They also perform regular cleaning of gutters, downpipes, pipes and drains, and other external surfaces such as driveways and parking lots. These sites are maintained to an exceptionally high standard, with all employees subject to rigorous health and safety training. All tools and equipment used by Construction Cleaners must be state of the art and must be certified by an Industry Body. All equipment used by Construction Cleaners must be approved by the Health and Safety Authority, as all machinery and equipment used by this type of cleaning company must adhere to strict health and safety standards.

These companies' main job is to keep the work areas clean and sanitised, which is facilitated by wiping down all surfaces, both interior and exterior. Walls and floors are dusted and vacuumed, and any spillages or garbage removed. Shower curtains and seats are dusted and vacuumed, and sinks are washed. The work area is thoroughly cleaned of any debris, and any spills or garbage is wiped up. The company also ensures that any building's drainage system is clear of any obstructions and takes care of the drainage problem on the roofs of commercial buildings.

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